Brave & Few - Brand Story

Posted by Jorge Lerdo de Tejada

Our co-founders, Jorge Saucedo and Jorge Lerdo de Tejada, share more than their name - they bond over an appreciation for luxury, exclusivity, and impeccable taste. After noticing a lack of high-quality men’s products on the market, they decided to take on the challenge themselves.

Founded in 2020, Brave and Few presents an e-commerce platform unlike any other. Instead of relying on multiple stores or scrolling through endless products that serve you little purpose, we provide a one-stop shop to meet all of your needs with a collection that is catered to you. We aim to create a seamless shopping experience for customers who value exceptional quality and service.

We are proud to present an extensive collection of exclusive items that enhance every man’s lifestyle. From watches and electronics to grooming products and home décor, our products make great gifts for that special someone in your life or for yourself. Our items allow you to explore your curiosity and discover untapped potential, becoming your go-to for exceptional, can’t-live-without items not found in mainstream stores.

We are dedicated to increasing exposure for small, undervalued startups that supply outstanding products. We hand-select each partner, ensuring they align with our mission and values. Our thorough process enables us to build a cohesive collection and tight-knit community that makes our platform revolutionary.

Value Statements:

Our work is defined by our dedication to:

Quality - We strive for excellence, which is evident in our curated collection of masculine products, and are committed to consistent improvement.

Exposure & Variety - By partnering with small, niche brands to sell their products on our platform, we allow consumers to discover premium lifestyle products not found anywhere else.

Collaboration - We respect and appreciate our partners, establishing long-term relationships to help them grow their business.


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